How To Forget/Productivity, performance, duration of 7 minutes, 2015

Part of group exhibition Prism Break, OT301 Amsterdam


1 how to forget


 Aaa aaa aaa aaa aaa

Aaa aaa aaa aaa aaa

i i i i i i i i i

die die die die

dying of cells

what happens when we forget

get get get get get get

the ponies merge and poison

get the songs from the past

the how to remember

how to forget

how to get rid of

the pooooo

ny ny new new new new

shrinking cells getting older

shrinking body shrinking cells

survive in productivity

non sensitivity

forget forget forget forget forget forget

for cat for cat for cat for cat

touch a soft cat and forget

sense the cat the soft cat

softness brain activity in

present no history

dele e –e e e (te)


2 productivity


raise your head high for the act of production

the action learns you how to control motoric systems

it learns us to empty our head

and makes space for new thoughts

become a revolutionary producer

the night is perfect for producing

when you are tired you don’t know what you’re doing

subconsciousness takes over

in the morning you will hate everything you’ve been doing

the act of production is a traitor

in the night your mind is traiting you

counting things you’re making the

seventh painting out of

stupid translation

wait now